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Hotshot Logistics LLC
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Hotshot Logistics LLC
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Winterport, ME 04496
Wyandotte,OK 74370
Middletown,OH 43526
Athens, TX 75751
Overland Park, KS 66202

Be proud, truckers.  Hold your
heads high.  You are the fabric
that holds America together,
and you are a child’s best

It is the trucker who delivers
the farmer’s crops to the
grocer so children don’t go

It is the trucker who carries
the fuel that keeps them warm.

It is the trucker who hauls the
lumber to the carpenter to
build the homes that keep
them safe and secure.

And it is the trucker’s sacrifice
of loneliness, by enduring
empty nights and lonely miles,
that ties America together,
from the Atlantic Ocean to the

"We're Large Enough to Keep You Loaded and Small Enough to Know Your Name."
Hotshot Logistics, LLC.
Physical Locations: Winterport,ME - Cache,OK
Ft Worth, TX  - Cincinnati ,OH - Overland Park,KS
Phone: 903-292-5181     Fax: 914-358-0547
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Nichole D Colvin     Title: Vice President
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